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I didn’t know my smear was due as I didn’t receive a letter from the screening office. We now send most invitations by SMS in case the patient hasn't updated their address with us. We also opportunistically remind patients about overdue reviews when we speak to them on the phone or when they attend an appointment.
Just reading the changes to the appointment system and it made me think again about how tough it has been for all of you since the beginning of the pandemic. I just want to say thank you. I've only ever had efficient and friendly service from everyone I've dealt with at Windmill. Thank you all for being there. Thank you so much for taking the time to send this comment. We rely on patient feedback to help develop and improve our services and our team love to hear when we have done well.
I’m nervous about my smear and have a few questions but I’m worried the nurse won’t have enough time. We offer all patients a phone call with a nurse to answer any questions they have about their cervical screening and they can then arrange an appointment at a later date if they’d like to go ahead with it. We also have access to smear clinics at weekends and during extended hours to improve accessibility. 
 Your website is difficult to find information on. We launched a new website which is much more user friendly. We also regularly post on our Facebook page and send out a quarterly newsletter for patients.